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Have you been arrested or accused of committing a crime? When facing prosecution, you need a highly experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer fighting for you! The Law Offices of John L. Michels is dedicated exclusively to the defense of Criminal Law clients! If you have been arrested or are being accused of committing a crime, contact Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer John L. Michels today. Attorney Michels provides a free consultation and is available to his clients 24 hours a day!

Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney John L. Michels has been successfully representing criminal defense clients throughout Riverside and San Bernardino Counties for over ten years. Attorney John Michels will fight to ensure that the police agencies and District Attorney’s office are operating within the framework set forth by the Constitution. Protecting your rights is our first priority!

A former prosecutor, Criminal Defense Attorney John Michels has vast experience defending clients who have been accused of committing a wide variety of crime, ranging from simple misdemeanor charges to complex murder cases, including:


In addition to defending clients who are presently under investigation or charged with a crime, Attorney John L. Michels also represents individuals who are facing either a probation violation or a parole violation, as well as those who have been convicted and are looking to have their criminal record expunged.

If you have been convicted of a crime and have successfully completed all terms of your probation, including making restitution to the victim and paying all requisite court costs, contact Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney John L. Michels to find out if we can help you get your record cleared.

Whether you have been arrested, stand accused of a crime, are facing a probation or parole violation, or seek to have your criminal record expunged, please fill out our Criminal Defense Case Evaluation Form. Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney
John L. Michels will contact you as soon as he has reviewed your information.
· Assault
· Battery
· Burglary
· Domestic Violence
· Drug Manufacturing
· Drug Possession
· Drug Sales
· Driving Offenses
· Embezzlement
· Expungement
· Fraud
· Hit & Run
· Murder
· Probation Violations
· Robbery
· Theft 
· Three Strikes Cases

If you need immediate assistance with a Criminal Law matter, please call Attorney John L. Michels at (951) 276-8900 today to schedule a free consultation!
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Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney John L. Michels defends clients in a variety of criminal matters throughout Riverside and surrounding areas, including:

Banning, Beaumont, Corona, Grand Terrace, Loma Linda, Moreno Valley, Norco, Perris, Redlands, Riverside County, Riverside, Rubidoux, San Bernardino.

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